Exploring the Changing Interest in Archaeology in Harris County

Archaeology is an ever-evolving field of study that has seen a shift in public interest over time. To gain a better understanding of how the public perceives archaeology, surveys have been conducted to measure their knowledge and opinions. In 2000, a survey conducted by Harris Interactive revealed that the majority of Americans support the goals and practice of archaeology, back laws that protect archaeological sites and artifacts, and believe that archaeology is important to today's society. The United States Archaeological Institute (Houston Society) has teamed up with the Harris County Public Library to provide programs that will help educate the public about archaeology.

These programs will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., and will cover topics such as chronology, cultural history, and more. For those interested in becoming archaeologists one day, the book So You Want to Work with the Ancient and Recent Dead contains information on archaeology and other interesting careers, including forensic sciences and paleontology. The majority (60%) of the public believes in the value of archaeological research and education to society. To further engage children in archaeology, National Geographic has several books available at the Harris County Public Library.

These books can help children learn more about this captivating field.