Exploring the History of Archaeological Research in Harris County

Harris County, Texas is home to a wealth of archaeological research, from the earliest known record of prehistoric Indians utilizing estuarine resources off the coast of Texas to the Harris County Children's School Site, a key location for exploring the history of cultures and environments. In 1986, research was conducted to prepare a synthesis of the archaeology of the Whiteoak Swamp area in western Harris County and to carry out underground tests at prehistoric sites that might be affected by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This research has resulted in increased community involvement in Kleb Woods, greater awareness of archaeology and preservation, and a better understanding of the history of the Kleb family and the lives of German immigrants living in Southeast Texas. The Harris County Children's School Site is an essential Texas location for investigating the history of cultures and environments as they coexisted and evolved on the Upper Coast. The site consists of two main cultural units: a large accumulation of domestic garbage, the product of intermittent use of the place as a camp 3,500 years ago; and a nature center opened in 1994, one of two historic resource parks in Harris County District 3.Today, programs are available to focus on the history of Kleb Woods and northwestern Harris County and best archaeological practices. These programs are open to academics, professionals, and history enthusiasts of all levels and ages. By joining these programs, participants can gain a deeper understanding of this important historic year for archaeological research.