Preserving Archaeological Sites in Harris County: The Role of Local Communities

The City of Houston has officially acknowledged that its neighborhoods are areas of local historic significance. This recognition is typically based on a variety of criteria, such as the exploration of museums, historical societies, and research conducted throughout Harris County. It is expected that the conservation efforts in Georgia and beyond will be seen in the coming years. Sehila Mota Casper is the inaugural executive director of Latinos in Heritage Conservation, an organization that strives to ensure that the field of preservation is inclusive, equitable, and rooted in communities.

This year, students have been collaborating to document and visually interpret three sites in Atlanta (the Fulton Bag cotton mill power plant &, the English Avenue Elementary School, and the Westview Cemetery), as well as to evaluate the status and create the HABS for the First Congregational Church of Marion, Alabama. The preservation of archaeological sites is a crucial part of preserving our cultural heritage. It is essential to recognize the importance of local communities in preserving these sites. Local communities can play a vital role in preserving archaeological sites by raising awareness about their significance and advocating for their protection.

They can also help to identify potential sites and provide support for research and conservation efforts. Additionally, local communities can provide financial support for preservation projects and help to ensure that these sites are accessible to the public. The preservation of archaeological sites is a complex process that requires collaboration between local communities, government agencies, and other stakeholders. It is important to recognize that local communities are often the most knowledgeable about their own history and culture.

Therefore, it is essential to involve them in the preservation process. By engaging local communities in preservation efforts, we can ensure that these sites are protected for future generations.